DJ Mixes Legalized by Soundcloud

Everybody loves Soundcloud; artists, record labels, publishers, comedians, radio stations, fans, even politicians use it to spread a message. But Couple years ago the Music Industry changed enforcing Copyrights Policies and the most affected were the Deejays who has been uploading DJ Mixes on the german streaming service from its very beginning.


Major Record Companies forced Soundcloud to take actions over any user who did not have the appropriate rights to use the content. Many Accounts were deleted, many DJ Mixes were taken down, and thousands of users moved to other providers as a result; There was something big Missing, Dj’s needs to release DJ Mixes.


Most of the fun behind the Platform was gone until today when Eric Wahlforss, Founder and Manager behind Soundcloud, said to Groove Magazine during an interview:


 During the negotiations for SoundCloud Go, we achieved agreements with collecting societies like GEMA in Germany, making these problems a thing of the past – even for users who do not subscribe…


Mr. Wahlforss also explains that different forms of Advertisement such as Audio Clips would be there but it would not be noticeable. He was asked if there will be Audio Advertisement within the DJ Mixes, which he answered very clear:


No, this is not foreseen. Mixes should not be interrupted by advertising.


Well dear Ravers Now It is 100% Legal. Even though we would love to be talking about something else, at least this year was legalized something we all need and care about too, this is the right way to close 2016.