Future in Your Head by LopezHouse

Ok Ravers we had the pleasure to talk with the boys of LopezHouse for the release of their EP: “Future in You Head” and we found out this dudes are bringing a very unique sound inspired in the music of Joy Division, The Cure, Trentemoller and many more. Very Nice Isn’t it?.

This Duo from La Mancha Spain, have released music on Dirty Bird Records and Exploited Records and we can tell it is definitely not the average stuff you can hear out there in nowadays Music Market. This bundle includes 3 tracks: “Future in Your Head”, “Trust In Me” and “Pills”.

Even though all tracks are absolutely fantastics, Raveradar’s Team loves “Pills” it turn out our favorite.

Below you can read more about our conversation with LopezHouse.


Thank you very much for giving us an interview, we were waiting for months and now we finally have couple minutes with you and we are going to punish you with questions, LOL just kidding. Let’s get started:

How do You Guys Met? are you relatives, brothers? it was coincidence or something?


 haha! it isn´t the first time that someone asked us if we are brothers. We were friends before that and we born and we live in the same town. To meet was something that would happen sooner or later.


Then, How do you end up with that name? Who came up with the name LOPEZHOUSE?


David started his career as LopezHouse many years ago and we decided to keep on under the same name.


Cool then, How would you define your sound? though!!!


We think it´s a mixture of electronic music with post-punk attitude and indie-rock band sounds or elements. Our last release with Exploited Records shows up our indie-punk sound.


That’s nice but You can’t shoot such a definition without naming some of your favorite music!, Would you Please name some of your Musical influences?


We have listened and we love 80´s and 90´s alternative-rock bands as Joy Division, The Cure…. Trentemoller could be our main figure.


WOW Good Stuff, right there. What do you think about nowadays Electronic Music then? or What’s your opinion about the term EDM?


It´s a style we don´t like, but we must admit. it´s successful and followed by millions of people.


We know you’ve been touring some cities in Europe, also Central and South America. Has ever Something weird happened to you while touring?


Fortunately, nothing weird happened.


ok then from the top of your head: At least 5 records or artists you must play on your sessions?


Ok, we always play or try to play any track from Adriatique, Solomun, tracks from our sweet home Exploited,  a bootleg made from us between Talking Heads.- Psycokiller and Mude tod, Primative People from Mano Le tought.


We know you played Tomorrowland last 2016, how was that experience? How long did you played?


We played an hour, like any artist in Tomorrowland. We consider it an honor and we are very proud of that. Tomorrowland has an impressive production and it is located in a wonderful place. Amazing!!!


Ok, Let’s talk about this bundle you are dropping, it is titled  “Future in Your Head” and it is a three tracks EP: “Future in Your Head”, “Trust in me” and “Pills” and it is released under “Exploited Records”. What can you tell us about it?


Is  our more indie project and Jan from Exploited said to us “ This is amazing, I want to release this “,  isn’t only our sound because is a band 100 %, we are very proud of this project and it was a challenge for us!!


What’s inspired you to create this EP?


Any emotion is and inspiration, although ideas can come up in any moment.


Who is in the lyrics?


Ángela, she sings and makes lyrics also, she does a fantastic work with us. She is a very important part of Lopezhouse´s sound.


We know Every musician has his own way to make music, we are artists here too so would you mind tell us: How is your creative process?, how do you achieve this sound very yours?


We don´t have an established process, ideas come up and we get on it. We like experimenting, and searching for new sounds avoiding routines by working with different devices or textures.


With such a Busy Schedule how often do you guys get in the Studio?


We feel comfortable in the studio, and we try to be in at any moment we can. It is very important for us, producing is our main way nowadays.


After this EP; what’s next on you release schedule?


We have great news but we cant say nothing in this moment, sorry but soon you’ll have more news!!!


We still have many questions to ask but we running out of time so we are going to save them for next time, Thank you very much for the chat guys. We Hope to see you here in Miami soon.


Thanks and we hope to see you soon!

You can take a listen on the FULL EP right here below and more from LopezHouse on Exploited Records Youtube channel

We would like to thank New Kind Agency boss Nicole Banks for getting us introduced to LopezHouse.

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March is a busy month in South Florida; Electronic Dance Music’s most important week will take place all over Miami; Several Deejays arrives to the Magic City year after year to play for the most exciting and diverse crowds in the planet and also to take care of the music business side as well; Radio Showcases, Interviews, Pool Parties, Boat Parties, AfterHours and many more all spread through out the city.

Miami Music Week 2017 agenda is absolutely insane as usual, It is always hard to choose which party to attend; terrific lines up by Day and Night, By Land and Sea. Let’s face it we just humans which means we can not time travel yet neither be in all places, but we can plan and organize how to approach all the parties.

In order to highlight those events that must be in your RaveRadar, we are picking out three (3) choices per day: “Suggested” , “Highly Recommended” and  Must Attend”.  You better have this information in hand before hitting the road, After all you don’t want to end up at the wrong place in the perfect time. Right?

On Tuesday 21st:

  • Serafin and Friends Presents Tasty Tuesdays  12pm to 8pm. “Suggested
  • Hotl Miami with David Tort and Markem @ Miami Supercars Room. Highly Recommended” 
  • Firebeatz & Friends + Special Guests @ Delano Hotel 11pm to 5am. Must attend”

By Wednesday 22nd:

  • Spinnin’ Sessions Miami 2017 @ Nautilus Cabana Club 12pm to 11pm. “Suggested”
  • Axtone Miami Pool Party @ Delano Beach Club 2pm to 11pm. “Highly Recommended”
  • Dj Mag Poolside Sessions @ Raleigh Hotel 12pm to 10pm. “Must Attend”

On Thursday 23rd

  • All Gone Pete Tong @ National Hotel 12pm to 10pm. “Suggested”
  • Nicky Romero & Friends Protocol Miami @ ORA  11pm to 5am. “Highly Recommended”
  • Revealed Miami Edition @ MAPS Backlot 12pm to 10pm. “Must Attend”


By Friday 24th

  • Reload Pool Parties Miami @ Shore Club 1pm to 7pm. “Suggested”
  • ToolRoom in Stereo Pool Party @ Raleigh Hotel  12pm to 10pm. “Highly Recommended”
  • Kryder & Tom Star Presents CARTEL @ Heart  11pm to 11am. “Must Attend”

On Saturday 25th

  • Roger Sanchez Presents Undr The Watr @ Epic Hotel 12pm to 11pm “Suggested”
  • Anjuna Deep Miami @ Gramps Bar 2pm to 2am. “Highly Recommended”
  • Eric Prydz Presents PRYDA @ Space 11pm to 2pm. “Must Attend


By Sunday 26th

  • Erick  Morillo & Friends Birthday Pool Party @ National Hotel 12pm to 10pm. “Suggested”
  • Sosumi + Hotl + Cube Pool Party @ Epic Hotel 12pm to 11pm. “Highly Recommended”
  • #WALLMUSICWEEK2017 with Benny Benassi @ WALL 11pm to 5am. “Must Attend”


The list above represents our taste and recommendations only; There would be plenty more parties going on this season, if you want to take a look at the fullMiami Music Week schedule for 2017, go visit miamimusicweek.com.

Raveradar’s Street Team would be around the city, find them to sign up for our NewsLetter also to get Free Tickets for VIP Access on Private Events, T-Shirts and many more goodies. Do not forget to follow @raveradar on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud, also stay in touch with us using the hashtag #raveradar.

Have Fun…



DJ Mixes Legalized by Soundcloud

Everybody loves Soundcloud; artists, record labels, publishers, comedians, radio stations, fans, even politicians use it to spread a message. But Couple years ago the Music Industry changed enforcing Copyrights Policies and the most affected were the Deejays who has been uploading DJ Mixes on the german streaming service from its very beginning.


Major Record Companies forced Soundcloud to take actions over any user who did not have the appropriate rights to use the content. Many Accounts were deleted, many DJ Mixes were taken down, and thousands of users moved to other providers as a result; There was something big Missing, Dj’s needs to release DJ Mixes.


Most of the fun behind the Platform was gone until today when Eric Wahlforss, Founder and Manager behind Soundcloud, said to Groove Magazine during an interview:


 During the negotiations for SoundCloud Go, we achieved agreements with collecting societies like GEMA in Germany, making these problems a thing of the past – even for users who do not subscribe…


Mr. Wahlforss also explains that different forms of Advertisement such as Audio Clips would be there but it would not be noticeable. He was asked if there will be Audio Advertisement within the DJ Mixes, which he answered very clear:


No, this is not foreseen. Mixes should not be interrupted by advertising.


Well dear Ravers Now It is 100% Legal. Even though we would love to be talking about something else, at least this year was legalized something we all need and care about too, this is the right way to close 2016.


Best of 2016

Well it is the end of 2016 and we have planned to choose every year from now on the Best Record Label and Best Dj Producer; based in the quality of the releases dropped through out the year, and of course the votes of our crew members.  This Time Germany the crib of wonderful artists indeed and The Country where Love Parade were based once took over holding both categories.



Our Best Record Label for 2016 is RUNDBN & RUNDEEP Records, Both records labels are curated by DBN trio; featuring originals, remixes and free tracks from a roster of artists that have released the most impressive Music catalog during the hall year, at least from our very humble point of view.


Marvelous Deep House, Jackin House, Bassline a.k.a Future House and aggressive Tech House, Progressive, Electro and Progressive Electro. Here you can take a listen and have a bite of what we mean, if any of these names does not sounds familiar to you that is RaveRadar all about, there is so much music out there, perhaps not listing on tops but definitely good enough to rock the clubs.





In the other hand The one and only, Eddie Thoneick is our pick of the year, for Best DJ Producer. Eddie has done nothing but rise after releasing “Live you Life” back in 2010 with the Creator, Curator and Master Mind behind Subliminal Records Mr. Erick Morillo and Shawnee Taylor’s vocals.


Now collaborating with cool record labels such as Tom Staar’s Staar Traxx, Cartel Recordings and Sosumi Records both under Kryder’s control, and most recently under Subliminal Records again with Erick Morillo featuring vocals from Angel Taylor in “Lost on You”. Eddie Thoneick mainly focusing in the Club’s Dancefloors has for sure delivered some of the 2016’s Bombs, and here your can hear the proof.



These are our picks for Best Record Label and Best DJ Producer of 2016, Let’s see what 2017 brings, Feel free to leave your comments and share your thoughts with us. Happy Holidays.


Art Basel 2016

Miami still has action going on before 2016 its done, Art Basel just Started and RaveRadar is ready to walk the galleries for an entire week.


Art in almost any expression would be exposed across the city and techno and house music will be the soundtrack. We are for real excited to attend some of the parties, this here is the Top 5 most attractive raves taking place in town, of course there are more around but these are our favorite ones.





deadmau5 Masterclass


The Online Electronic Music Community stumbled upon after the announcement of deadmau5 Masterclass, which means there are not more excuses to learn how to make Electronic Music on your laptop.


Mr Joel Zimmerman and Masterclass are providing you with 20 Video Lessons, so you just have to Watch, Listen, and Learn and you better Learn how to: Mix, Master and Market your music; also the possibility to upload videos to get feedback from your class, a downloadable workbook with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.


On top of all that if you are good enough, your outcome might be reviewed by deadmau5 himself who will critique your work if you are worth of him having a listen on your stuff, all of this for a very reasonable $90 fee.


So Stop reading that yellow book titled: “Electronic Music Production for Dummies” and go ahead to Enroll Now



We Are Up

In a world infected with blogs about EDM, RaveRadar stands out by not following the leads nor trends,

this is not your average Electronic Dance Music Blog. Any Artists, Record Label, Event or Information

featured here might be known or not, Underground or Mainstream; We focus in the music and how it

approach our concept of a Rave. If it give us goosebumps that is Rave. That’s why you might not find

the genres or artists you like under the Rave Radar. But it is quite sure that you are going to find dope

stuff here.


The team behind RaveRadar have been in the Electronic Music Business more than 20 years,

As a Blog might be the new kid on the block, but the team have lived Love Parade Berlin and old Ibiza,

attended the Ultra Music Festival first edition and watched Tomorrowland birth. In the game from the

beginning indeed. Some are DJ’s & Producers since the early days of Techno and House Music,

some are Musicians, Radio Hosts, Audio engineers; perhaps the ghost producer of your favorite artists.


That’s the people behind this Blog!!!!